Waverly Terrace Condominiums


Waverly Terrace is a 54-unit condominium complex located at 2929 Waverly Drive, Los Angeles, 90039.  The Waverly Terrace Owners Association was incorporated in 1983 as a California mutual benefit non-profit corporation, and operates under its Articles of Incorporation and Association Bylaws, CC&R’s and Standing Rules.

The Board of Directors meets each month in the building lobby.  Meetings are open to owners and tenants. Owners may address the Board during Open Forum, but the Board may only vote on items published in the meeting agenda, except in case of emergency.

Copies of the HOA Bylaws, CC&R’s, and Rules are available on the Documents page.  To request information about Waverly Terrace from the property manager, please visit the Management page.

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This website is for owners, tenants, agents, prospective buyers, and others with an interest in Waverly Terrace.

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